Marshn'Ring - Crash bars for your rake


Crash bars for your rake

Rakes are an important part of any contracting operation. We know breakdowns are costly, so we manufacture and fit a top quality, sturdy solution to safeguard those arms. With export to Australia, and direct supply to dealers, insist on a MARSHN RING for your next rake.

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Available for Claas, Lely, Krone, Pottinger, Fella, SIP and Sitrex.

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Marshn'Ring - Crash bars for your rake
Portable Weighbridge
Portable Weighbridge


Certified portable weighbridges

Built by Contractors for Contractors, and capable of weighing many vehicles lugging many loads. All weighbridges are fitted with a dedicated truck weighing indicator, including vehicle ID, date and time, which is printed onto the weighbridge docket. These are used nationwide by operators keen to ensure the best value for money, and an effective portable solution.

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Available in 30 tonne and 50 tonne models, in full galvanised steel.

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Portable Weighbridge

Neville Marsh Contracting Ltd (NMC) provide reliable agricultural contracting services for Te Puke area and wider Bay of Plenty region.

Family owned and operated, our team consists of dependable and communicative contractors who each have a vast number of years experience within the agriculture industry. Neville, Daniel and the rest of our team are proud to offer a great range of quality services and equipment.

Our superb Marsh Portable Weighbridge Systems, which provide an affordable and easy to set up certified weighbridge system are available for purchase or for hire. And the MarshN Ring crash bars for your rake (patented) are exported, supplied to dealerships and direct to you, so call today to get a free quote.

Our selection of agricultural services include all:

  • Cultivation
  • Under Sowing
  • Hay – squares and rounds
  • Silage – squares, rounds, loader wagon and fine chop
  • Maize silage
  • Truck Hire

NMC's experienced staff offer services such as mowing, scattering and rowing; using two eight metre and one fourteen meter swathers for over all efficiency. Our silage options include loader wagon silage, fine chop harvester silage, stacking, round or square bale silage and also hay and maize silage. We are taking orders for maize silage now and grass silage orders can be either bulk or wrapped.

The truck & trailers for hire include a JCB teleloader, three tip trucks and two tip trailers.

We can also do all cultivation work such as aerating, discing, power harrowing, planting, under sowing, rolling and seeding. Plus we have a Centaur machine which pan busts and cultivates in one pass.

NMC's fleet of modern, industry standard machinery is as consistently efficient, reliable and capable as our professional team.

In addition we can supply and spread chicken manure. Our Orbital spreader can spread your on farm waste. It can distribute old calf bedding, slurry, or dried manure and with a 20 metre throw it is exceptionally efficient at covering your sidelings. Neville has tested this machine on his own property with amazing results.

Tim White is our Seed Advisor. He can be contacted for any seed and contracting issues if you are unable to get Daniel on 027 2226940.

Certified portable weighbridges

Frequently asked questions

What is it?

It is a Certified weighbridge for weighing Trucks, Trailers, Bins, Containers and it is 100% portable which can be set up in 20 minutes so no Civil Works!

What sizes are there?

We have two Models:

6M      2 X 3M weighing platforms = 30,000kg 20kgs increments
12M    2 X 6M weighing platforms = 50,000kgs 20kg increments

What Data can we receive from the weighbridge?

  • High Accuracy Weigh Data EG: 25000kgs
  • Truck ID
  • Destination
  • Product
  • Whatever your needs are we can fulfil them!

Can we connect Wireless/Remote Displays?

Yes we can, we can even do in Cab Displays to increase your productivity.

Can all of this data be accessed remotely?

You certainly can!

Is it a Trade Certified Portable Weighbridge?

Yes - All of our bridges are Trade Certified.

Are they built to last?

Yes - They are built in NEW ZEALAND out of minimum 6mm steel with the highest quality galvanise.

How do we power our Weighbridges?

Mains 240VAC, batteries and batteries with solar charging.

Is there an ongoing backup?

Yes we have 24/7 servicing available nationwide, we stock all parts and are committed to having our weighbridges up all the time!

Will it weigh individual axles?

Yes and it will keep a running total for you.

How much?

Contact us for your personal quote.